Tofo Bay


Mozambique, with 2,500 kilometres of pristine waters and untouched coastline, offers some of the best diving in the world. Thanks the Agulhas Current, the water around Tofo have one of the biggest whale sharks populations in the world, wich can be spotted year round and sometimes in big groups of up to 6 or 7 at the same time. Beside this wonderful giants, there is also the incredible opportunity of diving with graceful Giant Manta Rays (up to 7 mt across ) that can be found on our main dive sites, about 30 minutes boat ride from Tofo Bay.





Besides these gentle giants, the Tofo area also offers spectacular world class diving on pristine reefs with an abundance of marine life ranging from soft and hard corals, pelagic fishes, multitudes of reef fishes, shrimps, nudibranchs, giant moray eels, turtles, dolphins and a variety of rays, some of which are not seen in many parts of the world like the small eye stingray. Sightings of White Tip, Black Tip and Grey Reef Sharks are a common occurrence and even the occasional Leopard Shark or Hammerhead Sharks are seen every now and then.


Humpbacks Whales


Last but not least during the winter months (May to October) large numbers of Humpback Whales migrate along the coastline and come very close to shore in the Tofo area, thus broadening the chances to observe some more giants of the deep.  Humpbacks Whales are frequently seen from the boat but there is also a good probability of an encounter whilst you are diving, which constitutes a unique chance to see these huge creatures up close and personal. If you are not lucky enough to spot one, you’ll at least listen to their fantastic songs whilst diving in any of our reefs!



Natural beauty


While many top diving destinations suffer from overcrowding and reef exhaustion, Tofo remains largely undeveloped. This total lack of commercialism lends to the daily rediscovery of the natural beauty that is Mozambique. All dive trips are launched from shore so the excitement for our divers begins immediately. Once you’ve pushed the pontoon boat past the breakers and everyone is secured in the vessel, be prepared for a stunning journey through the bay to one of several close or far reefs where your guide will begin to introduce you to the underwater paradise of Mozambique. Water temperatures range from 20C in winter to 30C in the summer months. Visibility is an average 15 m for the year with ranges between 5 m to as much as 40 m during our clearer months, typically between April and October.


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