Would you like to combine your holiday with private Yoga classes in the comforts of your own
room or terrace at Baia Sonambula? You can book your private Yoga classes at Baia Sonambula
with our certified guest Yoga teacher at a time and day that suits you best.

Private Yoga class


The private Yoga class is a great Yoga Workout for better health. Already after one session you
will know how to adapt your Yoga practice to make it beneficial for your body.

Yoga styles


The offered Yoga styles are:
Vinyasa Yoga
This is a dynamic style of Yoga where you link various Yoga poses with a series of poses called
‘Vinyasa’, so that you flow through the poses. The focus is on building strength and on
improving your coordination, balance and endurance.
Yin Yoga
This is more mindful and gentle style of Yoga in which you hold Yoga poses for several minutes.
The focus is on increasing the flexibility of your body, releasing (muscle) tension and on
allowing your body to rest and restore.

Guest teacher

Marianne de Kuyper is our guest teacher and she can be your personal Yoga trainer during your
stay at our guesthouse. She is known for her personal approach, quiet nature and soothing

Yoga fee

30 US Dollars (1800 MZN) for 75 minutes.
Your private Yoga class is accommodated at Baia Sonambula’s Garden Rooms and the Yoga
classes can also take place on our breakfast terrace after breakfast.
Book a session*
E-mail your Yoga bookings questions to us
You can also send a sms or WhatsApp: +258 84 73 95 604.

More information


Marianne de Kuyper from Yin Yoga with Marianne.
Watch her online Yoga classes to get a first impression of her teaching style: Yin Yoga with
Terms and Conditions
Yoga classes and class cards are all paid in cash* and at the beginning of each class to the
Yoga fees cannot be reimbursed when classes have not been used.
‘No show’ means that the Yoga fee will still need to be paid.
Cancellations are only possible 12 hours in advance.
Cancellations need to be sent to the teacher via sms or WhatsApp.
Price is subject to change.
Yoga package deals are also available. Ask the teacher for more information.
Class payments can’t not be added to the room bill.
Baia Sonambula takes no responsibility regarding the payment and content of the Yoga classes.

Cash means either in the local currency (Metical) but it also may be Euros and/or Dollars.
Classes can also be paid via PayPal.

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